Gender: Male

Age: 2 years old

Meet one of our new boys 2 ¾ year old Flash. Flash is very new to foster care and we need to find him a new foster or ideally forever home.

Flash does not respond to his name yet and will need guidance with learning his manners as everything is so new to him.

The good news is he is a quick learner he just needs a stable home where he has company most of the day and willing to put in the training. Flash needs to build his confidence and learn how great life can be as a family member. In two days Marcello has taught him, “on your bed” “go to bed” ,so there is much potential to teach him more.

He’s a big love bug and will be happy to share a cuddle or two while watching a chick flick 😉 He loves being with his hoomans and needs to be with them 24/7 always following them just to make sure he is not missing out, checking where they are!

On walks he does really well but when people or dogs are around, he gets a little excited but always happy to lap up those pats. We think a home with older children and someone willing to play with him would be ideal.

If you think you can give Flash the time and patience to help him begin his new life you will be rewarded ten fold. If you would like to know more about the gorgeous Flash please call Toni on 0438 601 492.

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