Maisie’s story ❤️

Maisie’s story ❤️ Thank you to those who donated to Maisie’s fundraiser. Maisie is now in good health and has since been adopted. We have a little story to share from her furever family……🥰

Well, it was love at first sight for everyone.

After enjoying a lovely old gentleman greyhound, who sadly passed last year, our family decided another adoption was in order. After attending a Pet Stock Open Day in Midland to ‘just have a look’ we met the lovely Bec who introduced us to Maisie. It was her first outing since her big surgery. We all clicked straight away and Bec came the same day with Miss Maisie to inspect the house and meet the kids and Labradors.

Within a week she had glued herself to my daughter’s side for cuddles, tv couch time, reading books and hogging the doona. But that is for her quiet time.

Maisie is not an ‘I’m gonna sleep all day’ kind of Greyhound. Oooh noo she makes full use of our half acre of back lawn and, together with my young Labrador, they consider themselves still in training for the next big race. Zoomies galore! Bella the Black Lab and she are besties and get up to mischief together all day long.

Brother Jason is her favourite to go on walkies with, however, and they go for enormously long cruises. We have bush trails right at the entrance to our property and we can go for miles. She is beautiful on lead and has adjusted to her harness well. Kangaroos and black cockatoos are very interesting and she whines with eagerness when she sees them. Not for you though Miss Maisie Moo! Jason adores her and she adores him.

It took about two weeks of controlled introductions, but Gizmo the Ragdoll Cat now has Maisie firmly in her place. I couldn’t call them friends, but at least Gizmo doesn’t terrify her anymore! Ponies, however, are the devil and she wants nothing to do with them!

She arrived a little lean post-surgery but has put on weight slowly but surely and is now a lovely shape. Her coat is gleaming and her eyes are bright.

Her personality has completely opened up and she is showing her true self – loving, affectionate, bright, curious, playful, willing to learn. She has learned stay, down, heel, come, on your bed. As a nearly two year old she is still a little ‘puppy brain’ in her attention span though, so obedience sessions are small and often. Greys are so different to Labradors to train. You have to be very quiet, gentle and patient so they don’t ‘worry’. Labradors like excitement, Greys like gentle reassurance. It’s interesting learning different breeds and their ‘style’.

She has not learned ‘Don’t chew my stuff you cheeky @#$%’ yet and so our collective shoe, socks, book and teddy bear stocks are getting low. As a silver lining it is encouraging my kids to put their stuff away!

She looooves car rides and waits at the door of every car, visitors included. Her last visitor brought her a custom-made pure wool housecoat for the chilly winters in the hills. I shouldn’t have bothered though as she curls herself into a tiny folded-up ball to sleep on my giant armchair in the corner of my bedroom – mohair throw positioned just right. That’s after I’ve kicked her off the bed for hogging the doona.

She is dearly loved and so much a part of the family. I can’t thank GAWA enough – and all her supporters that helped her through her early medical issues. We will always be grateful.

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