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With your help, we can make a change!

Drink wine, help greyhounds!

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Adopting a Greyhound won’t change the world – but the world will change for that Greyhound………………

Help little Letty!

Visit Go Fund Me for Letty

Little Letty Greyhound was surrendered to Murdoch Vet hospital after breaking her leg running off lead.  She was adopted four months ago via another organisation but the family after X-rays could not afford her treatment and after care. At that stage they were looking at expensive amputation or euthanasia. 

Murdoch called Greyhound Adoptions WA and asked if Letty could be surrendered into our care. Of course we said yes and after a specialist referral Letty is due to have arthrodesis surgery at the beginning of February currently estimated at $4000. 

Greyhound Adoptions WA is a not for profit organisation with huge vet bills each year. We are run by volunteers and without our wonderful supporters and donations we would not be able to help grey’s like Letty. If you can help us however big it small our rescued Grey’s would greatly appreciate it 

Please visit Go Fund Me for Letty

Letters from their new homes!

See our success stories here.

Greyhounds are the world’s fastest couch potatoes!

Despite their speed, Greyhounds sleep on average up to 20 hours a day. They are very affectionate dogs and perfect as pets. Many greyhounds are waiting for loving homes.

Can you help greyhounds as a foster carer?

We always need foster carers to help greyhounds learn the joy of being a pet and finding a forever home.

Meet Our Greyhounds!

PETstock Adoption Day – Ellenbrook

When: (Sat) 17th April 2021

Where:  Petstock Ellenbrook

PETstock Rockingham City – Adoption Day

When: (Sat) 17th April 2021

Where:  1 Council Ave, Rockingham

Stirling Square Markets _ Guildford

When: (Sun) 18th April 2021

Where:  Meadow Street Guildford

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